Jacoby’s steely strength and Pronk’s fluid hyper-flexiblity defy the usual gender norms of a ballet partnership. They possess a brimming, almost menacing, energy, and the sense that they are daring each other is palpable. It is their unique quality that gave them the courage to do what few dancers dare to even dream about—try their luck at making it on their own, sans-company. (click to read full article)

- Dance Magazine

The first thing you notice about the dynamic duo billed as “Jacoby & Pronk’’ is extreme physical beauty: highly arched feet, long and slender limbs, leg extensions that go up to the ear. The very next thing you learn, fortunately, is that Drew Jacoby and Rubinald Pronk also possess the true dancer’s intrinsic talents such as musicality and the glowing energy of artistry. There is stardust behind the shapes. And they have brains and hearts.

- Boston Globe

Tall, handsome and authoritative, Ms. Jacoby and Mr. Pronk take to the stage with the drop-dead cool of supermodels. The four other dancers in their new program at the Doris Duke Theater at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival here include one celebrity, the American Ballet Theater principal David Hallberg, and yet there’s never any doubt who the two main stars are. The biographical notes say that Dance magazine voted Ms. Jacoby, an American, as the “It” Girl of 2006, and that Mr. Pronk, who is Dutch, was named “Holland’s sexiest ballet dancer ever” by a magazine in the Netherlands. They surely deserve to be prime candidates for other “It” and “sexiest” awards too, and the beauty of their faces and physiques, matched by their evident physical skill, makes you see why they are this year’s Pillow poster couple.

- Alastair Macaulay, New York Times

Rubinald Rofino Pronk, formerly of Dutch National, has one of those bodies; think da Vinci's model, elongate, add hyper-flexibility, fab feet and tensile strength. If that weren't enough he has found a soulmate of matching physical splendor in Drew Jacoby, who displays feline grace on girders of steel...

- Dance Europe

...Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's steely duet One...showcased Jacoby and Pronk's knife-edged limbs, razor-sharp technique, and sensual chemistry.

- Dance Magazine

The independent duo of Rubinald Rofino Pronk, a sleek dancer...and Drew Jacoby, a tall, perfectly-ripped woman...were sensational -- all sinewy dynamite and flexy agility.

- Houston Chronicle

In just a few short years as partners, Drew Jacoby and Rubinald Pronk have established a name for themselves (in the tradition of Rogers and Astaire, Nureyev and Fonteyn, Marge and Gower Champion, and, of course, Ted Shawn and Ruth St. Denis), so much so that their first-ever headlining performance as a presenting duo (plus other dancers) attracted a packed house last night at Jacob’s Pillow, and will continue to do so over the course of their run this weekend, which ends on Sunday. And all for good reason, as was demonstrated in this unique program designed exclusively for Jacob’s Pillow, a showcase for Jacoby and Pronk and their signature approach to contemporary ballet...the dynamic duo made as strong a case as any for the health and artistic relevance of contemporary ballet in their spirited, expressive and virtuosic performance.

- Berkshire Living

image © Joshua Martens