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See what Rubi and Drew are up to! Here is a list of their projects, performances, news and updates. Check back frequently to see what’s new, or subscribe to the RSS feed below to be updated automatically.

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NOTE: Dates are in reverse order.


As of August 2012 Drew Jacoby will be joining Nederlands Dans Theater in The Hague. The decision to leave Jacoby and Pronk was not easy for her, but this unexpected opportunity for Drew is one that she feels she must pursue. She is proud of what Rubinald and her have accomplished in the last few years and wishes the best for Rubinald’s future endeavors. It is her hope that their professional paths will continue to cross. Drew will also continue her dance media website DancePulp.

Rubinald Pronk is pleased to announce that he will continue with his own group "PRONK". Pronk will continue to fuse commercial and concert dance to create an original touring show comprised of innovative concepts mixing dance with visual arts, fashion, music, and technology. Pronk will collaborate with internationally renowned  names in the ballet/dance world. Detailed plans for American and European tours are made and soon to be announced. Rubinald would like to thank Drew for the wonderful years at Jacoby & Pronk. He is very grateful for the dance experience he had with her.

Jacoby & Pronk would like to thank all of their fans and supporters and hope that they will continue to follow  Drew and Rubinald as their individual careers develop.